Yandex Mail login, Login & Create Account

By | March 25, 2020

Yandex Mail login : To login to your account you have to follow some simple steps. Create your new account on for free.

Yandex Mail login, Login & Create Account

Yandex Mail

In this technological era, we have a lot of ways to connect to each other via various emailing services. And, in this run to make the best and reliable communication service, we come across the Yandex Mail. Like any other emailing services out there, this service was also created while keeping in mind to make the communication easier. And, other popular services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Yandex Mail is quite useful and popular as well. One of the best parts about this mailing service is that it comes pre-loaded with an in-built search engine and it works flawlessly in Russia.

As the name suggests, or we should say the domain suggests, here RU, stands for Russia and this service is a Russian multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related products and services. For the better user experience and providing more convenience to the users, it comes with an in-built search engine, e-commerce, navigation, transportation, mobile applications, online advertising and much more.

Yandex Mail services are by far one of the best emailing services that are available to use in Russia. And, Yandex does its job very well. It can easily store and manage your emails in a well-sorted order. Moreover, it can also filter out the span content very effectively.

What is Yandex Mail? is a great platform that provides a number of services all over Russia. And, Yandex Mail is no different is this scenario. It is one of the best emailing services that works really fine in Russia. is known to be the largest and most widely used search engine in Russia. You can also operate the Yandex mail if you are a citizen of Rusia or it also serves the Commonwealth of Independent States.

It is a very feasible and reliable option to choose for emailing as it is very efficient, organizes your mails in a good manner, additional features to provide convenience, and much more. It was created in the year 1997 and since then, it is being used in Russia very extensively.

And, if you want to get the taste of these services and want to create your very own account on Yandex, there is a very short and easy procedure for Yandex Login. The Yandex Mail is free to sign up and it offers a wide range of features to its users. If you sign up on Yandex, it provides you the accessibility to free online unlimited storage.

In case you want to create a new account on Yandex, simply go to the home page of and follow the procedure as given below. We will be mentioning each and every step that you must follow to create a new account on Yandex Mail.

Create Account

As we have clearly stated above, that the process of signing up is totally free and along with that, Yandex will offer you its great services and free unlimited online storage as well. So, when you start off the process of creating a new account, it will ask you some of the basic information such as your name, age, etc. like any other email service does such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Here are the steps that will guide you to create a new account on Yandex Mail:

  • First of all, open any browser on your computer and navigate to Yandex.Mail.
  • You will see a button which says, Create an Account, click on that button.
  • A screen will appear where it will ask about some basic information like First name, Last name, etc.
  • As you are done entering your name, now you will have to choose your unique username. It will be something that will come before the domain “”. Basically, it will work as your email address for Yandex Mail. For example,
  • Now, it will ask you to create a new password for your fresh Yandex account. There will be a box saying Enter a Password. Here, remember to enter a password which is not very common as it is a common mistake done by many people. Choose a strong password by mixing combinations of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and special characters as well. Apart from that, do not set a password that is not easy for you to remember as well. The password must be something that is hard to guess for some other person.
  • Re-enter your password in the field below and confirm that the password you have written is matching or not.
  • For more security, now, you will need to set up a security question that will be asked if someone tries to log in your account frequently with a wrong password, or tries to log in without your consent. Also, it is helpful during the time of password recovery to authenticate the owner of the account.
  • Select an appropriate question from the list of questions given there.
  • Choose the right answer for your selected question and hit enter.
  • In case you want to link your mobile number as well, you can mention it in the next field. The mobile number can be used for easy recovery of passwords later on in case you want to reset the passwords.
  • For final confirmation, you will see a captcha image at the bottom, enter the code and you are good to go.
  • Hence, Click on the Register Button to complete the process.

After you follow these steps as given above, you will successfully create a new account on Yandex Mail. As you have a new fresh account now, you can use to send emails and do other stuff with it anytime you want. You will just need to log in using your email address and the corresponding password.

In case you are wondering how you can log in to Yandex Mail, we have a list of instructions that will help you log in to your Yandex account very quickly and in the easiest way possible.

Yandex Mail Login Steps

As you have already created an account on Yandex Mail by following the instructions given above. Now it is time to log in to your account and use it for good. There can be multiple choices of devices that you can use to log in. Either use a mobile phone or a computer, the only major requirement here is a working internet connection.

Here are the steps that you can follow to successfully login into your account:

  • Type in Yandex Mail in your browser and open the official website
  • On the homepage, you will see a Login button, click on that button.
  • You will be redirected to a page where it will ask you about your email address and the password.
  • Enter the required information and click on the Login button given below.

After you follow these steps properly, you will successfully login to your Yandex account. It will redirect you to the main page or home screen of your account. From the main page, it will show you all your emails and every useful stuff that a user might require. It offers a great UI and Yandex is quite easy to use and user-friendly as well.

If you want to access your Yandex Mail far more quickly, we suggest you add the Yandex Mail website to your bookmarks so that you can easily open the website next time you want to access your emails.

So far, we have discussed how you can create a new account on Yandex Mail and the proper and easiest way to Sign in to your account. But, keeping your account logged in is not quite safe so we prefer to Sign out after the work is done. But, you might be wondering how you can sign out of your account safely. Well, don’t worry, we have detailed instructions for that as well. Here are the steps that will help you to Sign out of your Yandex account safely:

Steps to Sign out Account

It is quite necessary to log out of your account after the work is done. Because it is a little unsafe as anyone can read your emails if you leave the account logged in like that. So follow these steps to log out your account.

  • Open the main page or home screen of your account.
  • On the right-hand side, in the upper corner, you will see an option which says, Log out. You will only need to click on that button and it will automatically log out your Yandex Mail account.

In case you logged in your Yandex Account on someone else’s device, you can easily log out your account from there device as well. Simply go to your Account’s Security Settings. Here, you will see an option to Log out of all devices that will remove the account from every device where it is logged in. Quite a handy feature, right?

Hence, is a great pick for someone who is looking for an efficient email service and communication medium. Apart from that, it offers you unlimited online storage which is quite rare to offer for other any other email services.

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